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My bears are all hand-sewn. Until a teddy bear is ready, you will first have the least Record 21 pattern pieces in the right direction of growth on the back of Mohais and then carefully cut with a thin scissors in such a way that it only cuts the base fabric and does not the hairs on the front side. Then you put together the individual parts and sew them by hand. If the parts are finished sewn Substituting the disc joints and the Teddy is stuffed with cotton wool or wood wool dolls and the plugging opening sewn. Then the ears are sewn and inserted eyes. Finally, it is even the nose and the mouth exactly in several layers embroidered with matching yarn. And then - ever the size of the bear - times 30 to 50 hours have passed. The high-quality mohair my teddies comes from good specialist dealers. Likewise, the rest of the necessary material.
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Teddybear Icebaby Little Polar Bear, from corrugated Mohair, completely hand sewn. Size: 13 cm No.: B-0007 Price: € 39,--
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Teddybear Fluffy with embroidered pink tongue, from light yellow, fluffy, medium length mohair, handsewn Size: 41 cm No.: B-0001 Price: € 78,-- Plus Shipping Costs
Teddybear “Hans lookin in the air” Curly gold brown mohair, hand-stitched Size: 19 cm No:  B-0002 Price: € 45,-- Plus Shipping Costs
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Teddy bears

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Teddybear “Night-cap” Little tired bear from light brown melange mohair with lids. Size: 12 cm No.: B-0008 Price: € 43,--
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Teddybear Leopard paw in natural sparse mohair with Leopard soles, hand-stitched Size: 27 cm No.: B-0003 Price: € 55,-- Plus Shipping Costs