back Hirschhornschmuck Orientalische Krippe Holzbagger Abschleppauto aus Holz
oriental nativity
Excavators wooden for grandson
Deer horn Jewelry
Tow car wooden (sold)
Madonna mit Kind Skulptur Liebespaar Krippe modern Bild Kirschblüte
Madonna with Child (sold)
Lovers (sold)
Modern Nativity (sold)
Picture “Cherry Blossom”
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Here you will find all the products of mine who are either already sold, currently are not for sale, or have up to now no one wanted (status at each Article noted).
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“Wood lives”

Tow car wooden  (sold)
Cheese mouse (sold)
car Carrier (sold)
Schildkrötenpuzzle Krippenblock Bild Feder Elefant geschnitzt
Turtles Puzzle(sold)
picture "Feather"(sold)
Elephant (sold)
Kreuz Katzen aus Holz Tischler geschnitzt Holzteddybär Kerzenleuchter
Cats (sold)
Joiners (sold)
candlestick Bears (sold)
Firefighter (sold)
Traktor mit Miststreuer
Tractor with spreader (sold)
Jeep Motorradanhänger
Jeep with motorcycle trailer (sold)
Auto mmit Wohnwagen
Car with caravan (sold)
Bottle bear (sold)
Holzbild Tag und Nacht
Picture “Day and Night” (sold)
Tow Trucks (sold)
Traktor mit Straßenwalze
Tractor with road roller (sold)
Rennwagen aus Holz
Racing car (sold)
geschnitzter Bär
Bear carved (sold)
Lastwagen aus Holz
Dog (sold)