Our Garden

My great passion for collecting Hostas,  now there are close to 500 varieties.
2001, we have the garden completely turned over and redesigned. It used to be pure Hillside location, so nothing up with deckchair. We have the whole garden with Natural stone walls terraced. Now you find a rose garden with book bezels and bower, a slightly Japanese-inspired garden pond, the pavilion garden, the vegetable garden with high- flower beds and greenhouse and the orchard with flower meadow, tool shed and our Hives. The terrace I have redesigned as the Hosta and too much of Place in the garden too little was. The beet on the above picture also owes the Redesigning my Hosta addiction. Earlier grew here as a screen thujene, Boxwood, barberry, spruce, and indeed everything in oversize. In the garden we have except the stone walls built everything himself and paved. for the a total of 4 levels we needed about 4 years. Every year, came to a level the series and was planted in autumn. The Glass House and the raised beds I got until retirement.
Garden Impressions
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View from balcony
Shower and bridge
Pond with Buddha
Walk in the garden pond
Look at Rose Garden
Our greenhouse
the self-made raised beds
Figure Rosegarden
main path
Wooden deck at the pond
Flower bed escarpment with Hosta
Hoarfrost on the roses
Sempervivum can live anywhere
Rambler Rose in cherrywood
Lawn way in the rose garden
Workshop “Wood lives” Home Margit’s Angels Beekeeping
But also for other perennials I am very receptive, mainly hardy.
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